Interactive Sound Installation
Team: Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Tobias Wächtershäuser and Florian Vitez
Premiere: Internationaler Musiksommer Arnsberg, 2008 place is an installation which enables the visitor to experience sound and space in a new way. Visitors are able to influence sounds directly. They can modify the interaction or the characteristics of the sound material. The sound library provides the historical context of the scene and also includes ambient noises and synthetically generated sounds. Thus not only the sounds in space, but also the scene and its context have been integrated into the installation.
In addition to his or her traditional role as listener, the visitor also acts as an interpreter. The setting has made the courtyard at Wedinghausen Monastery become a stage, centering on what was once a well. This is what the title “ place” refers to. The word ‘meta’ is taken from the Ancient Roman Meta Sudans, a fountain with a conical “meta” in the middle, a construction which also marked the place where racing chariots would turn in a Roman circus. place uses MAX/MSP and Jitter programming software. Visitors can activate or alter sounds using coloured scarves or glow sticks.
more detailed informations: new tendencies in the digital music instrument design

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